Friday, November 23, 2012

Best Time of the Year!

Ohh, it really is the best time of the year. I love the holidays. LOVE them!

Fall time goodies around my house.

Small pumpkins!
Sweet towel.
Oh, and my sweet new spice rack inspired by the great Brittany.

I also made some cranberry brandy for Thanksgiving! It is phenomenal.

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday - family, great food, love in the air. Especially this year...

My darling-dear Bear proposed!!! (I said yes!)

I love this man and am thankful for a life with him by my side.

Tonight we decorated the house for Christmas!

Tree! (We still need to get a topper! Whoops.)


Stockings hung with care.
Favorite ornament!
Sweet vintage mousie.
Our tree is just a widdle guy!
Smelling good!
Vintage handmade...thing! I love it.
Hazel Atlas egg nog mugs.
Christmas tunes on vinyl...must-have!
And of Pyrex!

Hope everyone else is enjoying this time of year - it truly is the sweetest!