Sunday, July 29, 2012

For Sale/Trade

I have a few items I'm looking to sell/trade. Let me know if you're interested!

#043 Town & Country, no lid or chips/cracks
England Pyrex (unsure of name?) with lid, one small chip in lid

4 golden yellow Pyrex mugs - great shape!
#063 Divided green (verde?), no lid or chips/cracks
Butterfly Gold gravy boat, no chips/cracks

Old Orchard, no lid, no chips/cracks

I also have three pieces on eBay right now that end tonight - if they don't sell then they're up for trade/sale as well!

#063 Divided green casserole with Spring Blossom/Crazy Daisy lid, no chips/cracks

#473 Butterfly Gold (minty!) and #442 Early American (a couple scratches, one chip - can provide more photos later!)

Let me know if you're interested in any piece! Thanks!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fun Finds!

New goodies this week!

* Spring Blossom #401 bowl - $1
* Pink Flamingo #222 8" brownie pan - $4
* Golden Honeysuckle #055 curved casserole - $2
* Woodland #043 casserole - $2

And these beauties!

* 4 gray Pyrex salad plates - $1 each

Today's plan: 

Breaking Bad and cherries - served up in Pyrex, of course.

Stay thrifty, everyone!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Bedroom!

I moved about two months ago, and have finally finished rearranging and decorating my bedroom. I'll give you a peek, because I know you have been soooo interested. ;)

Bookshelf; given to me from my momma, painted white. Filled with mainly Pyrex, the bottom shelf holds my books. (Horrible, right?)

Dresser; $30 thrift store find. I'm in love with the scalloped drawers.

Ottoman; $20 estate sale find. I actually just got this yesterday, not quite sure where it will end up in the room. I'm in love with the color, and the extra storage space!

Record player; $70 from Craigslist. It's not vintage, just a remake. I have horrible luck with vintage turntables...every time I buy one it breaks. I'm cursed! So I bought new(ish) - and yes, it IS pink. Swoon.

Owl tea-light holder; free from my momma (she's the best!) 

Lamp; free at the curb. The inside lights up green. Yupp!

And this isn't really part of my room, just my new little keychain friend. Have any of you heard of KidRobot? The items come blind-box, which makes it kind of fun because you don't know which guy you'll get! The boy bought this one for me while wasting time in a bookstore before seeing The Dark Knight Rises (OHMYGOD I LOVE BATMAN) This is from the Yummy Breakfast line. 

Oh, and I got some Pyrex this weekend! Just a little red fridgie (.50 with lid!) and #441 yellow bowl ($2). The Frank Sinatra album was only .50 and the Fossil bag was $5! Pretty great weekend if you ask me. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Thrifting!

Every other Saturday we have to go on a trip to the bank, which is about 30 miles away. (Silly, right? We really love our bank, but dammit, I wish it was closer!) This meanssss...thrift stores along the way. And, oh, was today great!

This guy has been at the top of my "want" list for awhile now. I literally squealed when I spotted it on the shelf which made the boy say, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

Um, nothing is WRONG with me. Do you see how pretty it is!? (He didn't understand.)

#343, "Designs"

The next store we walked into, I spotted these someone else's cart. OH NO. I have the #401 (somewhere...I couldn't find it for the picture. Whoops!) and this was the rest of the set. I went whining to the boy and he said, "Wait, you want these bowls?" and picked them up off the top shelf. The lady had put them back! Good eye, boy, good eye!

#402, 403, & 404, "Homestead"

And this guy I have no idea about. It's a sweet blue-periwinkle color; perfect for summer! I'm sure it has a fun lid somewhere...does anyone know anything about it? 

#475, Mystery?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cupcake Overload!

This weekend my mom's side of the family is having a big ol' get together. We all love food - especially sweets. So tonight in preparation, we baked.

Oh, did we bake...

Vanilla cake filled with purple buttercream and topped with pink & white swirled buttercream...and sprinkles.

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream topped with vanilla sugar and a whopper.

Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream topped with a sliver of a peanut butter Snickers.

"The Hippie" - Banana cake filled with caramel buttercream topped in vanilla buttercream and rolled in granola.

Which looks the most tempting to you?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy #4, Rach!

Tomorrow my favorite 3 year-old turns the big #4.

(What other 3 year-old plays the ukulele?!)

Cupcakes, of course, are in order. 

(My mother made her most-delicious lemon cupcakes and I iced them.)

Lemon cupcakes, for the zestiest little gal I know.

So here's to you, Rachel. Another year older, another year more awesome.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thrifty Weekend Fun!

This weekend has been absolutely fabulous. One of my old college roommates was on break from Americorps and came to stay for the weekend - so of course - we went thrifting. (I think we hit up something like 8 thrift stores!) I didn't find much, but it was great to hang out with my amiga. 

Then this morning my darling dear suggested going to a local antique mall. (Very strange for him!) I happily obliged. I found some fun new stuff, and left some other goodies behind. Of course, I have pictures!

Top: "Crazy Quilt" #473. I had no idea what this was when I bought it, but it is in PERFECT condition, and green is my absolute favorite color. I spent more on it than I normally would ($10) but it was too pretty to pass up! According to, it's called "Crazy Quilt" - does anyone know anything else about this piece?
Bottom: "Autumn Harvest" #442. I just love autumn harvest, it's one of my favorites. It's so fall-time-ish, and I looove fall. $3 for this little guy.

Now for the things I didn't buy!

This Hazel Atlas apple jar. Adorable, but badly cracked on the bottom. $4 isn't horrible, though.

I wanted this chandelier SO BAD. Look how precious! But, c'mon, $48? Noooo!

I almost bought this for my garage, which is currently being used as the "lounge" - aka: other living room. It's completely 60's/70's and fabulous. I still want this guy...$40!

I did pick up these fun 60's sunglasses, though! $1 well spent.

Happy Sunday, y'all! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What's Better Than Pyrex? FREE Pyrex!

Today after work I stopped by the local antique mall, and was handed a raffle ticket upon entering. I stuffed it in my pocket and began browsing the aisles. Completely in my shopping-zone, I failed to hear the winning raffle and was startled by the loudspeaker, "C'mon, check those raffles!" And I did. And I won a $10 gift certificate. Did I mention everything was 20% off, too?

Say hello to my newest (free!) addition:

#043 Pressed Flowers casserole, 1957 promotional gal.

Isn't she a beaut?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

No...I did not make these - but I did pick them up at a fantastic little cupcakery. Lemon blueberry, red velvet, snickers, & s'mores. Yes pleasssse!

Never fear - of course I baked something today!

What has cream cheese icing...

And berries...

Fruit flag pizza! 

Now it's time to go light some smoke bombs and pretend sparklers are light sabers...

Have fun today, everyone! Stay safe!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pyrex I Left For You!

I found so much Pyrex this weekend! Only problem is...I didn't want most of it. So here is some Pyrex I left for you. :)

I carried this guy around for awhile, but ended up putting it back. I just didn't love it enough.

Shenandoah, $6.99
I really dislike you, Early American. I WILL NOT BUY YOU NO MATTER HOW CHEAP YOU ARE. Please stop following me.

Early American, $2.99
I'm sure this was lovely at some point. But this price for this faded guy is just crazy.
Pink Gooseberry, $4.99
Seriously, Early American, NO. NO!

Early American, $5.99
I'm one of those weird people who loves Homestead...but for this price, I just couldn't.

Homestead, $6.99

Hope everyone is having more luck than I thrifting! :)