Friday, May 17, 2013

Pyrex Heaven!

My hours/days changed at work - now my weekends are Fridays & Saturdays. This means fun adventures with my momma & friends!

And, today we had an adventure.

We found Pyrex heaven.

No lie.

It's a beautiful place. 

I couldn't come home empty handed...

I came home with my first Orange Butterprint (!!!), Green Wheat spacesaver, Charcoal Snowflake (new in box!), Horizon Blue casserole, & a beautiful {non-Pyrex} biscuit jar (I remember my momma having one when I was a kid!)

Check out the original advertising in the divided dish! Love it!

We ate lunch next door at this delicious diner where they make everything from scratch. So yummy! I fell in love with all the tables...the one we sat at was yellow, and the chairs had a sunflower print on the back. LOVE. (Too bad they're not for sale!)

I love this time of year. So many garage sales & estate sales! Last week I scooped these up at an estate sale right as it opened (who else runs to the kitchen immediately to scope out the Pyrex?!) This set is so minty, I have to keep it...for now. ;)

Also - a shout out to Stacey (from The Gluten Free Pastor's Wife) - we traded a few weeks ago; I sent her a Cosmo lid for this pink beauty, which I gifted to my momma for mother's day!

Stacey was so sweet - she packed the bowl in this adorable towel her grandmother embroidered! How sweet is that?! Precious! Love it - thank you, Stacey!

Now I'll leave you with a picture of my mom, who is now completely Pyrex-crazy. She has been bitten...

Isn't she presh?!


Thursday, May 2, 2013


Scored some fun new pieces this week!

First up, this gorgeous Celtic Floral promo!

I had never seen this piece before and found it while in a tiny antique mall with my momma. It has sweet little hearts on the top, and it's oh-so-shiny red! In love with this guy! Paid more than I usually would...but look how cuuute. ($20)

And maybe the piece I'm most excited for! You see, I've always longed for a 9x13" lasagna pan. I have the worst luck finding them though! Every time I do they're $45+. My mom found this one at the local thrift store for $15 and texted me instantly. She thought I'd pass because of the price and was surprised by my response - YES PLEASE!

It's gorgeous! This is my first Snowflake Blue that has not been completely destroyed by a dishwasher. (RIP beauties.)

And I leave you with a bit of Pyrex in action...because you know I use mine daily!

Summertime strawberries!

My husband makes the best guac EVER.