Friday, May 17, 2013

Pyrex Heaven!

My hours/days changed at work - now my weekends are Fridays & Saturdays. This means fun adventures with my momma & friends!

And, today we had an adventure.

We found Pyrex heaven.

No lie.

It's a beautiful place. 

I couldn't come home empty handed...

I came home with my first Orange Butterprint (!!!), Green Wheat spacesaver, Charcoal Snowflake (new in box!), Horizon Blue casserole, & a beautiful {non-Pyrex} biscuit jar (I remember my momma having one when I was a kid!)

Check out the original advertising in the divided dish! Love it!

We ate lunch next door at this delicious diner where they make everything from scratch. So yummy! I fell in love with all the tables...the one we sat at was yellow, and the chairs had a sunflower print on the back. LOVE. (Too bad they're not for sale!)

I love this time of year. So many garage sales & estate sales! Last week I scooped these up at an estate sale right as it opened (who else runs to the kitchen immediately to scope out the Pyrex?!) This set is so minty, I have to keep it...for now. ;)

Also - a shout out to Stacey (from The Gluten Free Pastor's Wife) - we traded a few weeks ago; I sent her a Cosmo lid for this pink beauty, which I gifted to my momma for mother's day!

Stacey was so sweet - she packed the bowl in this adorable towel her grandmother embroidered! How sweet is that?! Precious! Love it - thank you, Stacey!

Now I'll leave you with a picture of my mom, who is now completely Pyrex-crazy. She has been bitten...

Isn't she presh?!


Thursday, May 2, 2013


Scored some fun new pieces this week!

First up, this gorgeous Celtic Floral promo!

I had never seen this piece before and found it while in a tiny antique mall with my momma. It has sweet little hearts on the top, and it's oh-so-shiny red! In love with this guy! Paid more than I usually would...but look how cuuute. ($20)

And maybe the piece I'm most excited for! You see, I've always longed for a 9x13" lasagna pan. I have the worst luck finding them though! Every time I do they're $45+. My mom found this one at the local thrift store for $15 and texted me instantly. She thought I'd pass because of the price and was surprised by my response - YES PLEASE!

It's gorgeous! This is my first Snowflake Blue that has not been completely destroyed by a dishwasher. (RIP beauties.)

And I leave you with a bit of Pyrex in action...because you know I use mine daily!

Summertime strawberries!

My husband makes the best guac EVER.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Love & Marriage (And Pyrex!)

Hello, all!

Sorry for my lack of posts - I've been a wee busy, getting married!

Yes, we did it Vegas-style.

Yes, Elvis married us.

My best friend, my soul mate. Love him forever!

I did expand my Pyrex collection a tiny bit...(of course.)

My aunt gave us these for our wedding present...I squealed. A lot. New in the unopened box - Shenandoah casserole set! Eeek! Love! Totally scared to open them, though!

Random new pieces acquired.

The awesome hubby bought me my first striped bowl on our honeymoon!

I also rearranged the random Pyrex on my bookshelf, too!

That's been my life recently. :)


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life at Random

My life recently...

- Finally completed my primary set! The little blue was one of my first ever Pyrex scores, which means it was probably under $2. Last summer, my parents found the yellow & green at a garage sale for $3 for both. Last week I found the red for $1.99 at my local Red Racks. This brings my total to $7. Yay!

- Scored one of my most-wanted Pyrex pieces! I'm sure others out there have their "must-have" list, right? My #1 is a complete Spirograph, #2 Mod Kitchen, #3 New Dots set (good luck to me, right? Haha!) Well, cross off that #2! I scored this Mod Kitchen last week for a wee bit more than what I'd normally pay, but...c'mon, it was my #2! $19 for this beauty! I figured the best way to break it in was to use it. Here she is, fresh out of the oven with stuffed shells.

- Helped my momma yesterday bake for a church fundraiser. Can we just take a moment and look at how adorable my mother, Ace, is?!

We made so many cupcakes!

#1: Drumstick

Chocolate cake stuffed with chocolate buttercream & waffle cone pieces, topped with chocolate buttercream, waffle cone pieces, walnuts, and chocolate drizzle

#2: Dirt & Worms

Chocolate cake rolled in chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate buttercream, oreo crumbles, gummy worms, and a mini Oreo

#3) Peeps

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, topped with Sixlets, sprinkles, and a Peep

#4) Lemon (My personal fave!)

Lemon cake topped with lemon buttercream, candy pearls, and a Lemonhead

- Found this little guy at a local flea market - and although it made me chuckle, I didn't bring it home:

- Practiced my "wedding hair"! I'm getting married in ELEVEN DAYS. Holy canoly! It's a very non-traditional Vegas wedding (yes...Elvis will be there) with our immediate family only (large reception with extended family/friends to follow back home.) I'm wearing a birdcage veil made by one of my very best friends, and I'm thinking wearing my hair down in a long vintage wave like so:

Thanks for tuning in to my chaotic ramblings!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cherry Loaf...and Pyrex

My fiance is in love with the cherry bread at Bob Evans...he literally says "mmm" during every bite.

So I found a copy recipe and decided to give it a try!

Maraschino cherries


All done!

It turned out great! Got the boy's stamp of approval. :)

Of course, my favorite part of baking is cleaning my Pyrex!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Day

Hey, all!

It's a wee bit snowy here today, so I worked a half day from home...and then I grew oh-so bored. So I did what any sane person would do. 

I rearranged! The blues & yellow/oranges totally scream spring/summer. LOVE.

Have I mentioned how much I love my hutch?! My mom found it for $50 and I bought it from her - it's one of my favorite things.

P.S. Here's the view out of my front door. Ayy!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow Ice Cream!

It's been a wee-bit snowy in the midwest this week (with more to come Monday, I've heard!) backyard currently looks like this.

I was telling my slightly-sheltered fiance about snow ice cream and he said that couldn't be real (WHAT.)

"Why would you eat snow? That's gross."

Oh...I will show him. I will show him how DELICIOUS IT IS.

#1) Gather clean, white, unadulterated snow.

#2) Find a can of sweetened condensed milk (or the Mexican version, if you're me) and some vanilla. I added in a little horchata mix & Mexican cocoa powder to add some extra flavor for my Latino.