Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I Didn't Buy (And What I Did!)

First, for the treasures I didn't buy this week...

Old Orchard...need I say more? And for $5, it was easy to pass on.

Homestead ($7) and a (faded) turquoise butterprint ($4).

Yellow ($5) and daisy ($6). I already have the daisy, so it was pretty easy to pass on that, too. They also had the large yellow daisy...I carried it around for awhile, but it was priced pretty high (for me!) at $10. I talked myself out of it so sadly it stayed on the shelf.

Now...for the couple of things I did purchase!

This little woodland was only a quarter! And I love the 401's - they're the perfect cereal or soup bowl. And, yes, that's a Corelle cutting board with the forest fancies print! I had no idea these existed! It was $5 and pretty grimy, but it's so great in my kitchen all cleaned up!

Stay thrifty, everyone!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Surprise Pyrex!

Woah - it's been so long! Life has been crazy and flying by so fast.

I recently changed my hours at work, and now work a normal 9-5! Huzzah! Except this means less stopping at thrift stores on my way to work...so less Pyrex (wah-wah.) I've still managed to acquire some new goodies, though - with some assistance.

Last weekend was my (small) city's statewide garage sale day but I couldn't go because I had to go to a 5k with my work. I came home to find some surprises from my awesome parents awaiting me on my kitchen counter.

They're both pretty faded and scratched, but they were $1 for both - my momma said she couldn't leave them behind. I now live with 4 boys, so these will be great for everyday use...no worries about accidentally breaking these guys! They will be used (and loved!)

They also found these treasures:

Autumn Harvest & avocado canisters! Autumn Harvest is my favorite - I'm so happy to have a canister in that pattern!

Momma also scored me a mint Compass divided casserole with lid for $1! I, however, forgot to take a picture of it. Whoops.

Until next time...stay thrifty!