Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Number one on my "wish list" of Pyrex has been the same for awhile. DOTS. They're so stinkin' cute, but hard to find (for me, at least) and if I ever do find them, they're crazy pricey.

Until today...

So there I was, before work, doing my usual garage sale-ing. I stopped at an older lady's sale, and even though I didn't see any Pyrex out, I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

"Oh honey...I think I have something. Wait here."And then she appears. With. This!

My heart skipped a beat. Okay, maybe not really - but I was a little speechless. Especially after I asked the price. $2?! SOLD.

It has a tiny scratch in one of the dots, as you can kind of see. But c'mon. $2! I'm in love. I found the little fridgie after work for $.99 at a thrift store. You know I can't turn down a fridgie for a buck!

Next on my #1 list, you ask?

STRIPES (pic borrowed from here). I'm not particular on color, really. Or one of these guys:

Just lovely. (pic borrowed from Pyrex Collective I)

And this will always be way up on my list, too:

OoOoo Spirograph! (pic borrowed from here!)

So, what's on everyone else's favorite list?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Didn't Get It From My Momma

I'm sure a lot of Pyrex-obsessed people inherit their Pyrexia (chuckle) from a parent or grandparent - it's a symbol of their childhood.

But not I!

Don't get me wrong, my momma loves thrifting, garage sale-ing, and antique stores. But not necessarily Pyrex - not enough to collect it, anyway.

This is her one piece of Pyrex (that I pressured her to buy because the teal matched her kitchen so wonderfully):

Although she doesn't share my obsession with Pyrex, I still love her. ;)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lemon Zest Cupcakes

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

I haven't baked in awhile, and it's a friend's birthday at work tomorrow. You know what that means...cupcakes!

These lemon zest cupcakes are my momma's recipe, and they're amaaazing.

Yes, that's a lemonhead on top. Just for fun. And because I love lemonheads.

And, yes, that's Pyrex they're sitting on. My two loves together!

The recipe I use is very similar to this - except I don't use any oil or pudding, just the sour cream.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

What I Left Behind

I find myself walking away from quite a bit, it seems. Want to see?

This golden acorn divided dish just didn't scream to me. Plus it was $4.99, with no lid. Ehh.

I'm afraid to say I think this butterfly gold print is one of my least favorites - sad, huh? Again, no lid, and $4.99 on this gal as well. 

I'm kind of regretting not getting this little cross-stitching. How adorable is it?! $.99, too. I'm not quite sure why I turned it down, either. Boo on me.

However, I did score a sweet complete Pyrex percolator for $5!

Eeeek! I had to try it out immediately, although it didn't turn out so well. I'm afraid my coffee was ground too small and fell through into the brewed coffee. Boo! But I will try again soon, with coarser grounds. Or maybe I'll just use it for tea. Either way, I dig it.

Hope everyone is having a weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fire King Finds

Friday might be my favorite day of the week. They're always full of morning coffee with my Pop and then garage sale hunting! Today was no exception.

We headed off to our first sale - the garage was just beginning to rise. Pop's number one rule: Be early! I immediately headed to the table in the back lined with dishes. Wait - could that

Yes! Jadeite! I've longed over jadeite for so very long. And now it's mine! And for just $2 for the lot of it! (Creamer, 4 pie plates, & 3 saucers) Also picked up some other goodies:

Pink swirl Fire King dinner plate with matching teacup, for my dear pink-obsessed Ace (momma!) I'm keeping the 1950's retro pink plastic cookie jar, though. Ah-dorable. And at less than a dollar for all three of these treasures, how could I say no?

Off to another sale! And, oh boy, was it a great one.

I got both of these beauties for $1! Oh my, how I love elderly ladies' garage sales. I've seen the white divided candy dish before, but I've never seen anything like this casserole dish! Take a closer look...

Isn't it just lovely?! Clear glass covered in golden specks with a beautiful teal medallion resting on top...just beautiful. Has anyone else ever seen this piece before?

Picked up one more retro goodie for my brother, the vintage-radio collector:

High-five for great finds!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pyrex, Please!

Hello, my name is Madee and I'm addicted to Pyrex.

I find myself scoping it out online and stopping in - any - thrift store or garage sale I might pass. (Thank goodness it's summer and garage sale season!)

It all started one glorious afternoon with these beauties:

Complete set of Friendship Cinderella bowls for $10 at my local Goodwill, in pristine condition. How could anyone pass this up?! (It's still my absolute favorite.)

And now, I just can't stop. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Here Goes Nothin'

Hello, all!

I'm Madee - just a midwestern gal who loves baking, Pyrex, thrifting, and life. Stay tuned for yummy cupcake recipes and my latest thrift finds.