Thursday, May 2, 2013


Scored some fun new pieces this week!

First up, this gorgeous Celtic Floral promo!

I had never seen this piece before and found it while in a tiny antique mall with my momma. It has sweet little hearts on the top, and it's oh-so-shiny red! In love with this guy! Paid more than I usually would...but look how cuuute. ($20)

And maybe the piece I'm most excited for! You see, I've always longed for a 9x13" lasagna pan. I have the worst luck finding them though! Every time I do they're $45+. My mom found this one at the local thrift store for $15 and texted me instantly. She thought I'd pass because of the price and was surprised by my response - YES PLEASE!

It's gorgeous! This is my first Snowflake Blue that has not been completely destroyed by a dishwasher. (RIP beauties.)

And I leave you with a bit of Pyrex in action...because you know I use mine daily!

Summertime strawberries!

My husband makes the best guac EVER.



  1. Hi Madee. Cool photos! I saw your post about the Cosmo lid...oh my goodness! I'd love to trade for it I have have something you need that I can part with...not sure what that would be...unfortunately I've sold alot but let me know what you need and I'll check.
    is my email. Thanks!

  2. The pieces are gorgeous. BTW, loved your Vegas-style wedding. That's the way to do it :D

  3. I'm a new reader who just discovered your blog. I love the Pyrex. I'd like to subscribe by email. I don't see it offered & wonder if you'd consider it? I'll continue reading looking forward to reading older posts.