Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Number one on my "wish list" of Pyrex has been the same for awhile. DOTS. They're so stinkin' cute, but hard to find (for me, at least) and if I ever do find them, they're crazy pricey.

Until today...

So there I was, before work, doing my usual garage sale-ing. I stopped at an older lady's sale, and even though I didn't see any Pyrex out, I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

"Oh honey...I think I have something. Wait here."And then she appears. With. This!

My heart skipped a beat. Okay, maybe not really - but I was a little speechless. Especially after I asked the price. $2?! SOLD.

It has a tiny scratch in one of the dots, as you can kind of see. But c'mon. $2! I'm in love. I found the little fridgie after work for $.99 at a thrift store. You know I can't turn down a fridgie for a buck!

Next on my #1 list, you ask?

STRIPES (pic borrowed from here). I'm not particular on color, really. Or one of these guys:

Just lovely. (pic borrowed from Pyrex Collective I)

And this will always be way up on my list, too:

OoOoo Spirograph! (pic borrowed from here!)

So, what's on everyone else's favorite list?


  1. Hafta agree with you on that spiro- so very cool! I would love to get the rest of the marigold butterprint, a few friendship bowls, and I SUPER would love to find pie plates in various colors. ;) It's fun to hunt, in the meantime. :)

    1. I agree, Bee! It's so much fun to stumble upon great pieces.

  2. Hey Madee, just thinking of you and hoping your move goes well- with no broken Pyrex! (I'm thinking that's why you've been absent?!) :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Aw thank ya! And yes - moving has been consuming my life recently. Luckily no broken Pyrex! :) I'm going garage sale-ing tomorrow, I'll make a new post soon!