Thursday, June 21, 2012

101 Casseroles: Main-Dish Pie

As I've mentioned, I live with three boys. Which means I cook the most. You know what's fast and easy to cook? CASSEROLES. And last weekend I was thrifting with my darling dear and he found these gems! "I think you should get these and cook for me," he said ever-so-sweetly. Alright, alright.

So I cooked. Tonight we went with the "Main-Dish Pie." Super easy, and pretty delicious, too!

And no...that's not Pyrex. I don't have a deep-dish Pyrex pie pan. (Is that even a real thing?!) This is a sweet Fireking my dad bought for me at a garage sale awhile back - my dad's great like that. I love it because the base is orange and it fades to a bright red. See!

Overall, my latino approved - two thumbs up! Here's the recipe if you feel like trying it out (we added corn because, hey, why not?)

Now it's movie and relaxing time. Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. That looks gooood. And I like that you used your vintage pyrex to make it!