Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flameware & Mocha Cupcakes

Warning: This post is slightly random and very picture-heavy. You've been warned.

So this morning I woke up at 7am (on a Saturday!) to go to garage sales, an estate sale, and an auction with my daddy-o.

The auction promised vintage pyrex, but I didn't see any until...

WOAH FLAMEWARE. And yes, that orange box is a BRAND NEW teapot. And for $12, my brand new teapot!

For another $12 I scored this double boiler and saucepan.

Randomly, at another garage sale, my mom found the 6-cup percolator for 50 cents! It's missing the stem, but still a great price! (The 4-cup I already had!)

Just when I was beginning to lose faith in all garage sales, I found these gems for $5:

I've been wanting a set of Pyrex canisters for awhile now, but all I could seem to find was the vegetable print, which isn't really my style. I love this print though! (Anyone know what it's called?) 

Now, off the topic of Pyrex...

Father's day is right around the corner. What do you get a dad who has everything he wants? Oh, that's right. Cupcakes!

For my coffee-obsessed dad, mocha cupcakes - made with love. Oh, and lots and lots of sugar.

It's like heaven in the form of cake.

And now as I unwind from my day on my patio, watching the evening storm roll in...

Look how big my celosia is growing! I'm so proud it's still alive. (My thumb is not green at all.)

And my amigo-mix coxcomb is thriving, too!

Cheers! Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. 1. Super jelous of all that flameware

    2. The pattern on the canisters is wildflower.

    Great finds for sure.

  2. Fun post! Sweet Pyrex finds- those canisters are great. Love those flowers, too- so pretty! And, I'll take a cupcake to go, pleeeease!