Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thrifty Weekend Fun!

This weekend has been absolutely fabulous. One of my old college roommates was on break from Americorps and came to stay for the weekend - so of course - we went thrifting. (I think we hit up something like 8 thrift stores!) I didn't find much, but it was great to hang out with my amiga. 

Then this morning my darling dear suggested going to a local antique mall. (Very strange for him!) I happily obliged. I found some fun new stuff, and left some other goodies behind. Of course, I have pictures!

Top: "Crazy Quilt" #473. I had no idea what this was when I bought it, but it is in PERFECT condition, and green is my absolute favorite color. I spent more on it than I normally would ($10) but it was too pretty to pass up! According to, it's called "Crazy Quilt" - does anyone know anything else about this piece?
Bottom: "Autumn Harvest" #442. I just love autumn harvest, it's one of my favorites. It's so fall-time-ish, and I looove fall. $3 for this little guy.

Now for the things I didn't buy!

This Hazel Atlas apple jar. Adorable, but badly cracked on the bottom. $4 isn't horrible, though.

I wanted this chandelier SO BAD. Look how precious! But, c'mon, $48? Noooo!

I almost bought this for my garage, which is currently being used as the "lounge" - aka: other living room. It's completely 60's/70's and fabulous. I still want this guy...$40!

I did pick up these fun 60's sunglasses, though! $1 well spent.

Happy Sunday, y'all! 


  1. I can't believe you left that awesome couch behind!

  2. oooh---I REALLY like the Crazy Quilt Pyrex! I'd love to find that one someday.

    That IS a cute couch, too. You have good taste!