Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I Didn't Buy (And What I Did!)

First, for the treasures I didn't buy this week...

Old Orchard...need I say more? And for $5, it was easy to pass on.

Homestead ($7) and a (faded) turquoise butterprint ($4).

Yellow ($5) and daisy ($6). I already have the daisy, so it was pretty easy to pass on that, too. They also had the large yellow daisy...I carried it around for awhile, but it was priced pretty high (for me!) at $10. I talked myself out of it so sadly it stayed on the shelf.

Now...for the couple of things I did purchase!

This little woodland was only a quarter! And I love the 401's - they're the perfect cereal or soup bowl. And, yes, that's a Corelle cutting board with the forest fancies print! I had no idea these existed! It was $5 and pretty grimy, but it's so great in my kitchen all cleaned up!

Stay thrifty, everyone!


  1. Ahhh I love the Daisy!! I would've snatched that one up, but it makes sense that you didn't since you already have it :)

  2. Also, love the cutting board! So cool and I never knew they existed!

  3. The cutting board is so neat!!

  4. I have picked up a couple of pieces recently for a $1.00...the one I can find info about, a turquoise snowflake casserole and the other I can find the print in a picture but no info...a 2 1/2 qt covered casserole in a Christmas Poinsetta print. Any suggestions on where to find info?
    Just recently found this blog...love it!


  5. great choice on the cutting board... how cool! :)

  6. That Old Orchard-ha! Does anybody really like it?! :) Great score on the Woodland bowl and cool cutting board!

  7. Ooh that looks like an Atlas Italian hand crank pasta machine next to the daisy pyrex... It is on my thrifty wish list!!

  8. Cutting board, too cool.

    I like when grimy Pyrex & bakeware is put out! It seems a lot of people pass it up even though they price it cheaper.

    Just got a cheap black snowflake space saver, covered in grease & unknown grime for cheap, no lid, but otherwise great condition. I come across this lids once in awhile, so hoping I can find one soon.