Thursday, September 13, 2012

Surprise Pyrex!

Woah - it's been so long! Life has been crazy and flying by so fast.

I recently changed my hours at work, and now work a normal 9-5! Huzzah! Except this means less stopping at thrift stores on my way to less Pyrex (wah-wah.) I've still managed to acquire some new goodies, though - with some assistance.

Last weekend was my (small) city's statewide garage sale day but I couldn't go because I had to go to a 5k with my work. I came home to find some surprises from my awesome parents awaiting me on my kitchen counter.

They're both pretty faded and scratched, but they were $1 for both - my momma said she couldn't leave them behind. I now live with 4 boys, so these will be great for everyday worries about accidentally breaking these guys! They will be used (and loved!)

They also found these treasures:

Autumn Harvest & avocado canisters! Autumn Harvest is my favorite - I'm so happy to have a canister in that pattern!

Momma also scored me a mint Compass divided casserole with lid for $1! I, however, forgot to take a picture of it. Whoops.

Until next time...stay thrifty!

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  1. Hi Madee! The lazy days of summer sucked me in and made me- well, lazy! I'm hopefully going to start posting more regularly again now that summer fun is coming to a close. Sure was sweet of your parents! It's nice to not have to freak out about broken dishes. :)